I’m enjoying our sessions tremendously. Rather than running to and from an office, I can simply open my computer, take a deep breath, and start chatting. I love that I can reach my therapist via the journal function. My therapist is accessible is wherever I keep my computer. As a young professional woman, I have to schedule every moment of my day just to get things done. Amanda makes my therapy sessions ridiculously easy, and extremely affordable. I enjoy the opportunity to sit on my couch with a cup of tea while getting some seriously good advice from Amanda.
Just a few short weeks ago I had tremendous problems with anxiety and agoraphobia. Since I have began my sessions with Amanda I have made great strides in a short amount of time. I am able to leave the house now and I’m starting to take my life back. Amanda has been a godsend. If you or someone you know needs help don’t let it be taboo to talk about therapy, they or you may really need it.
It was great talking with Amanda. I’m happy that I now have someone to discuss these anxieties with and I’m very grateful for her service. Thank you
I have just recently started using the diary portion of the site and so far Amanda has been great. She’s caring and understanding and I can tell she takes her time to provide a thoughtful response after each entry I write.
My first session with Amanda was great. She made me feel comfortable and I think she can help me. I’m signing up for a Plan today!
Things are going well. We are now married so there is a little less stress in our lives, in some ways! We both definitely greatly benefited from Amanda’s counseling and we still go back to things she said or things we realized because of her all the time - so thank you!
Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!! Without this service I would have never met Amanda. She got out of me something I couldn’t tell myself/admit to for the last 9 years. It’s been painful to think about answering the questions she asked, but those are feelings I never allowed myself to have. I don’t know if the feedback link expires or not, so I will send this there as well. I just wanted to thank you for a genius concept and execution as well as for the highly trained staff you have working for you. Amanda has been a life changer and a freedom giver
Amanda encouraged me to keep trying. She helped me find a better perspective, and definitely provided clarity. After being in a state of limbo, I feel like I’m on a better path, the right path, but I needed help to get there. Now I am looking forward to progress instead of dreading failure. I am thankful for Amanda’s empathy and patience as I continue forward
I really enjoyed the session! I’ll be booking one for next week right away. I was initially curious as to how I would feel communicating over Skype, but it was surprisingly comfortable (especially since I could remain in my pajamas at home). Amanda was super easy to talk to. I really have no time to get away from work for traditional therapy and I’m very excited to continue with this
Talking to Amanda is like talking to an unbiased girlfriend that shares great advice and shows compassion and understanding when that is what is needed. She is helping me become a better version of myself and helping me find the tools to deal with difficult situations in my life. I am so happy to have found her!
My experience with Amanda was “awsome.” She is a kind and compassionate listener. She is intuitive and brite. And also important, she can tolerate my energy which is kind of pushy at times. :-)
Thank you
Amanda was better than the in-office therapist I visited in the past by miles, and the flexibility of the online model is something that many, many working professionals can get value out of. I also think that talking about mental health is critically important, and I want to do my part to help shake the stigma that if you see a “shrink”, you must be crazy
Since I have started my sessions I have seen a lot of improvement in my personal life. We have set short and long term goals and it has helped me tremendously
My experience with Amanda has been so wonderful. The price options were affordable, I loved the idea of being in the comfort of my own home while receiving therapy, and I loved the different types of therapy options
When my Dad died unexpectedly, I figured I should probably see a therapist. But I also had a new baby and my business to run... so fitting regular visits to an office across town into my schedule sounded even more maddening. Then my mom died shortly after (another surprise), and I was having trouble finding my pants let alone a therapist (I call it “grief-brain.”) Amanda not only helps keep me sane, but she works around my schedule... and I don’t even have to find my pants (whew!
I’ve had a great experience with Amanda. I’ve tried different methods of counseling (internet chat-based, over the phone, in person) and I really like the approach of doing counseling over Skype in my own home. I also liked that I got to choose my counselor. Amanda has been excellent for my specific counseling needs- she’s patient, warm and professional while still being very relatable. There is a very big difference talking to a woman in my age range- it’s a comfort and I feel like she’s “been there” when I tell her about my anxieties, even though she may not have been, I feel like she puts herself in my shoes. The price/timing is also great- though I am on a pretty limited budget and I’m quite busy, I have found the scheduling and price very accessible. I wouldn’t use any other counseling service after finding Amanda
My overall experiences with Amanda has been phenomenal. I’ve seen so many therapists in my life and I’ve never felt the level of comfort or convenience as I have with her. The comfort of receiving talk therapy in the privacy of my own home helps me open up more significantly, removes the anxiety of travel/office visits, and has created the kind of rapport I often avoided with other professionals. Additionally, the flexibility means I can still make my appointments if I’m traveling, not at home, or outside my home city, which removes a huge barrier to care as someone who is often quite transient! The level of treatment is on par with any other therapist I’ve seen, if not higher, and the continuum of care and continuity of care has definitely helped my progress - there’s no excuse for cancelling appointments when it’s so easy, which has contributed significantly to my ability to effectively handle issues
By the end of my first session with Amanda, I knew I had done the right thing by reaching out to talk to someone. I had been suffering from severe anxiety and extensive over-worrying from everything from whether the trash was taken out to if it’s possible that my marketing clients could fire me all at the same time. As my therapist and I have continued to work together, I have not only changed most of my thought patterns that lead to unnecessary anxiety and worry, but have also continued on the path toward total self-acceptance, something I know wouldn’t be possible without the help from Amanda
My experience with Amanda has been vital to my recovery progress. She offers new insight into my grieving progress that truly changes my perspective on the emotional trauma I am currently going through. The weeks I start our sessions feeling hopeless, I end up finishing with some grasp on how things will improve with time. Amanda also weaves meditation and yoga into my therapy plan and I enjoy that very much
Amanda is amazing. She creates such a safe space. I’ve been very anxious about opening up to people, but she made that incredibly easy. She’s very understanding and works really hard to get you where you want to be.
Amanda cares about her patients. This is the most important thing. She will listen to all you have to say, take in the information, and give you great feedback. I would reccomend Amanda. She supports her patients and she is there for them. She will answer to what you have said and give you more. She will reply with things you have never thought of before. She makes me think. She makes me want to better myself. She is positive and enthusiastic.
Amanda is very helpful and understanding. She knows what to say and how to relate to ones feelings. And she has a sense of humor.
I didn’t know what to expect from online counseling, but Amanda made me feel like I was confiding in a close friend. She is compassionate, positive, and teaches real coping skills that one can use beyond the counseling session and after counseling has ended. I appreciate her help immensely.
Amanda was an amazing help! Very attentive, asked a lot of question and gave great advice. I feel like I’ve worked through one of the hardest fought patches I’ve had to struggle through this far.
Amanda is very patient and understanding. Not only does she listen but you can have a conversation with her. It doesn’t feel as though you’re talking to a counsellor. I’m so grateful that I was paired with her.
She’s been endlessly patient and kind with my various concerns, tangents, etc. She is a great listener, and knows how to probe my thinking and self-awareness deeper to achieve a more centered, balanced understanding of myself.
Amanda is exactly what I needed. She is positive, supportive and helps solve issues by helping me think critically about what was going on. Honestly, I’m extremely happy with her. A+